Our Services


Commercial Management

-We created a commercial program to place the fruit of our growers in their best commercial alternative.

-We choose the most convenient way to transport fruit to your destination.

-We hire the corresponding marine insurances.

-We perform control and monitoring of payments, advances and balances of the grower, which are transferred directly from the importer to the grower/exporter.


Quality Control

-We have a group of agronomist that support the grower in the field throughout the year.

-Together we make a harvest estimate that is used to make the commercial program, purchase materials and quote shipping spaces.


Procurement Management

According to the commercial program we carry out by the grower/exporter::

-Quote for packaging materials.

-Placement of purchase orders.

-Monitoring of the distribution of materials.

-Permanent control of inventory of material.

-Refueling during the season.

-Material billing control.


Operation Management

We control different services related to the export, we take care of:

-Ground transportation.

-Shipping spaces.

-Control and documentation dispatch.

-Inventory and dispatch software.